When I was very little, my parents had an Imbiss. They served: the traditional Currywurst; Pommes (fries) Bouletten (which are almost like a meatball pattie highly seasoned); Rostbratwurst, Schaschlick, and Wiener Wurst.I remember sitting on a stool in my parent’s food trailer nibbling on French fries, watching my Mom take food orders, prepare the food - always smiling and chatting with the customers. Maybe that was a first sign that I fell in love with the idea to one day own my own Imbiss/food trailer.

Each Imbiss location would have their own sauces to make themselves stand out a little more and of course there were some that were my favorites. The bread that held the meat was very unique; not too thick, not too thin and some stands would even lightly grill the bread to give it a crisper bite.

The Döner Kebab soon became one of my favorite snacks. Don’t let the word Kebab confuse you – it is not meat or veggies on a stick. It is a Turkish Flatbread filled with a mix of beef and lamb that has been marinated with Mediterranean seasonings, topped with different vegetables and a yummy sauce.  Just describing it makes me hungry!

We did not always have enough money, so us kids would split the fries or a Döner (a “sandwich” of sorts) which the owner at the Imbiss would cut up so everyone could savor a fair share. 

Born and raised in Berlin Germany, I grew up eating and loving the street foods that you can get on almost every corner at a food both what the Germans call Imbiss which stands for snack. Eating the famous Currywurst that was invented in Berlin in 1949 with Pommes (French Fries) topped with mayonnaise or ketchup or both (it really is delicious).

At least once or twice a week before riding the subway home after school, my classmates and I indulged in eating the famous Currywurst and Pommes. Currywurst was invented in Berlin in 1949.

Willkommen to The Little Imbiss,

Welcome to Our Story
What in the world is an Imbiss? Well here is our story.

I’m Patricia (Patty) one of the owners & Chef of the Little Imbiss – living out a long dream bringing a small piece of Germany and my child hood to your taste buds.

This truly is and has been a dream come true for us, and we are happy and proud to be serving you in Colorado some of the Berlin Street foods that we fell in love with eating over the years.

We hope to see you at the little Imbiss and hope you enjoy the food as much as we do!

Bring your appetite and Guten Appetit!

Patricia and Brian

It was my first evening in Berlin, when one of the Sergeants asked if I wanted anything from the Imbiss. “What is an Imbiss”, I asked. The Sergeant replied –“it is the little food trailer by the gate.”  I told him I was not familiar with what they served so he said he would bring me something back. Currywurst and Pommes with Mayonnaise.

In 1988 I met my husband, (and co-owner of the Little Imbiss) Brian, a Colorado native, who was serving in the United States Army in the Berlin Brigade in Berlin. I remember how he recalled his first encounter with Currywurst:

It was love at first bite and immediately became my favorite snack….that is until I found out about Döner Kebab! Berlin Street food is still one of my all-time favorites!